High Lakes Figuratively speaking – The good news

High Lakes Figuratively speaking – The good news
Great Lakes Figuratively speaking – Everything Don’t know Will cost you Plenty

This post is of these implementing the student loan installment means and possess Great Ponds since your education loan servicer. Our student loan believed experts have seen lots of people maybe not which have the money properly assigned within Higher Lakes. Thus, i have come up with that it walk-through so you can generate sure your maximize your deals.

“I called Great Lakes again and they are supposed to be reapplying the payments, again. The last person I talked to said the person I spoke with last week registered everything you “right”, the money remained maybe not applied correctly.”

I pay attention each day regarding FitBUX Users…. so, exactly what could be good about with High Ponds whenever they mess up money?

Loan services get some things wrong. Although not, considering all of our sense, Great Lakes’ customer care try hands down the best in the latest student loan community.

2 Important factors For making Prepayments

Let’s take a step back. When you are make prepayments to save money and pay off your student loans faster, there are dos key elements to make sure you are doing so in an optimal fashion:

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