Seen This Morning In The Politics Room

Seen This Morning In The Politics Room

WWdubyaINFINITUM but it can be a rowdy boy’s club like it was before Cora996 you get all fucking rude Beatle792 since I would never discuss politics , I’m not going to say Trump is in trouble

Ok ok i cant take any more of this gomer pylish/Leave it to Beaver world. and don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against nice people and having nice moments, but real life and to an extent, online life is a cross section of society. It is impossible to sterilize a room, chat or otherwise, to where it’s all just niceties. Fights happen, people cuss, some cry (like Spitz), some revel in others misery because they are sick fucks(like spiff), many are casual observers watching the drama called life. There is a lot to be said for being genuinely nice to others and i’m all for that, but i’m much more in favor of just letting people be who they are and if they can’t be genuinely nice to others, it’s a statement about them, not the room in general. Live and let live.

There is a chance i am missing a part of the log here because i was trying to save to another file and i think it blanked out a section accidentally

Ok on to the logs. the first one is what i think Byrdy was asking for when Arf was being his assholiness before she punted him to the barren lands of Wire. if i somehow missed something, point it out and i will grab more of the log. The second one is where Suzy and others got into it about the Jack Ruby shit.

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