She was wearing a very pretty dress and looked fabulous

She was wearing a very pretty dress and looked fabulous

Outside the hotel, as we had planned, our friend Sara (a GG and occasional FtM CDer) met us at the door. her words, this was to be “a girls night”. Arm in arm in arm, she walked us in to the bar.

So, while the staff were very welcoming (and the laughs of a drunk patron or two less so but not a deterrent), we decided to go to another place up the road–which was as far from dead as you can possibly be

We were wonderfully welcomed, I got several compliments on my outfit, my hair, my overall look and my finally making the big step after two drab-mode outings and a month of planning…and six months of posting on the CD, Facebook, and the SISTERS boards.

I partook in a lot of talk, was introduced to a couple of girls I hadn’t met before (and one guy), sat through the meeting (where Sara and I and a couple of the SISTERS group moderators surprised Ashley–the head of the Family–with a donation we had collected for SISTERS Family charities and other needs), then it was time for the weekly group photo.

Now, because the bar was full–even the others said they’d never seen it so busy there–we had to go into the lobby to take the picture. Did I mention that the hotel was packed? There were people back-and-forthing through the lobby the entire time we were there. Several of these people joined in the group photo. Several more complimented us on our clothes and our just-plain-being-ourselves-ness.

After that we had to decide where to go out afterward–I was not going to just stop at two and a half hours in a skirt for the next month–and seven of us decided to go to a local club. Three cars and five minutes later, we stood in the foyer of a not-very-happening place.

The place was jammed with people! It took half an hour before a couple spots at the bar opened up and we were able to move out of everyone’s way. And let me tell you, I’ve never seen a more accepting bunch of customers anywhere, in any venue! That made a real impression on me for my first time out. Leer más «She was wearing a very pretty dress and looked fabulous»